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Local News for the Blair Area

Big Ox Energy Woes Continue in South Sioux City, Company Plans Expansion to Blair

BLAIR - A sister facility to one proposed for construction in Blair  is having chronic problems with noxious odors. Aside from the multiple lawsuits against Big Ox from neighboring home owners regarding gas back up in their homes earlier this year, now the facility’s biomatter processor has malfunctioned, gushing liquid discharge out of it’s containment area, runoff from that is spilling into...

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No to Parachuting and Free Falls, Yes to housing Omaha Police Helicopter

BLAIR - We won’t be seeing free fall demonstrations and parachuting at the Blair Airport.  Blair Airport Manager Rod Storm says the airpo...

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Area Speed Limits to Change

BLAIR - Speed limits are changing – U.S. Highway 30 will have a 65 mile per hour limit due to the passage of Legislative Bill 1009 earlier...

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Washington County Law Enforcement Rally Around Dispatcher with Health Challenges

BLAIR - Night shift Washington County Dispatcher Lori Anderson hovers and nurtures new personnel and is considered a great friend to those w...

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Lack of Licenses Bring Charges Against Fremont Area Drivers

BLAIR - Driving during suspension in the 200 block of West Jackson Street ends in the arrest of a 22 year old Fremont man.  A 25 year old E...

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Damage to Pottawattamie County Equipment by Handcuffed Suspect

BLAIR - A 19 year old Oakland, Iowa man was charged with criminal mischief after he was arrested for possession of drugs and alcohol. That s...

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Potential for Skydiving, Jumps & Free Falls at Blair Airport

BLAIR - Skydiving,  demonstration jumps and freefall programs could be in store for the Blair Airport, those changes are on the agenda for ...

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Blair Police Investigate Assaults

BLAIR - A domestic assault in the 1400 block of Front Street results in the arrest of a 30 year old Blair male by Blair Police Officers.  T...

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Drunk Drivers arrested by Pottawattamie County Deputies

BLAIR - A 68 year old Neola, Iowa man was arrested by Pottawattamie County Deputies for drunk driving and driving with a suspended license....

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Medical Calls primary activity this week for Blair VFD

BLAIR - Four medical calls and a fifth that was later cancelled are on the activity summary for the Blair Volunteer Fire Department so far t...

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