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Local News for the Blair Area

Family of Stranded Man Found, Reunited

BLAIR - A 23 year old man named Tyler with Downs Syndrome and unable to communicate, was stranded at a Council Bluffs motel.  Bluffs police say the Texas man’s family, travelling in two vehicles, each thought the other had Tyler in their vehicle.  When they arrived at their South Dakota destination, they realized neither vehicle had Tyler as a passenger and the family contacted the police depa...

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Evacuation Ordered in Iowa Train Derailment

BLAIR - Upwards of 30 train cars have tipped near Dune, Iowa, prompting a 1 mile evacuation in that area.  Oil is spilling and causing a co...

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OPPD Partnering with NextEra for Solar Facility near Fort Calhoun

BLAIR - The Omaha Public Power District and NextEra Energy Resources plan to construct a 35-acre, 5-megawatt solar array east of Fort Calhou...

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Columbus Woman Dies in Train/Vehicle Crash in Dodge County

BLAIR - 54 year old Debra Kessler of Columbus, Nebraska died late last night when her vehicle was struck by a train on County Road 4 south o...

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Old Missile Site Contamination Meeting Brings Out Concerns About Cancer, Other Health Problems

BLAIR - Occurrences of specific forms of cancer, complaints of lack of promised reports and water testing and lower property values were he...

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State colleges give 1.5 percent raises to top 4 leaders

The State College Board of Trustees gave the top four leaders of the state college system 1.5 percent raises Tuesday. The trustees met at...

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Blair Fireworks Donations Are Being Accepted - and Encouraged!

BLAIR - Every year a small group of volunteers begins work on collecting donations to fund the Blair Community Fireworks Display.  Tim Gros...

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Car Theft, House Fire on Harrison County Sheriff's Report

BLAIR - A car reported as stolen from Mondamin was later located on southbound Interstate 29 -  the thief took the vehicle into Omaha and w...

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Chase, drugs prompt arrests by Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Department

BLAIR - A 38 year old Crescent man was arrested for drunk driving, driving while revoked and losing control of his vehicle near Concord Loop...

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Burglary, Speeders on Blair Police Summary

BLAIR - A 46 year old Valley man was arrested in the 300 block of South 19th by Blair Police for driving with a suspended license.  A burgl...

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