Judge Again Weighs Evidence Of Crime In College Freshman’s Disappearance

TECUMSEH – A district judge is reviewing once again whether Joshua Keadle can stand trial for the murder of a former Peru State College student who has been missing for seven years.

A county judge earlier ruled that state prosecutors had presented evidence to show that 19-year-old Tyler Thomas has not been seen since December of 2010 because she was victim of foul play.

Thomas family

After only a few minutes Monday, a district judge again took up the defense claim that  the state did not provide enough evidence to show that a crime had been committed.

Jeffrey Pickens of the Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy challenged the evidence at preliminary hearing to support a charge of premeditated murder.

Judge Ricky Schreiner asked state prosecutor Douglas Warner to submit a brief by April 27.  Warner said the brief will be identical to the one submitted to the judge in Nemaha County Court.