National 4-H Youth Science Day Brings Together High Schools from Across the State

LINCOLN – The 10th Annual Youth Science Day not only joined 4-H members from across the state, but throughout the country.

Thanks to some video technology, the 4-H groups from Albion, Beatrice, Chadron, Crawford, Grand Island, Lincoln, Norfolk, Oshkosh, North Platte, Schuyler and Wood River were all in the same room together learning about a device called Incredible Wearables, a wearable fitness tracker.

Pawnee County Extension Educator, Karly Black, talked to the students over video chat.

“Every year, there’s a different theme or challenge, and this year is Incredible Wearables. Today, all youth across the country at all 109 university extension sites are going to be some sort of activity based on Incredible Wearables.”

The challenge with Incredible Wearables was designed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.