Nebraska City Dedicates Mural, Honors Veterans In NE 150 Event

NEBRASKA CITY – Hundreds turned out on a misty Veteran’s Day in Nebraska City Saturday to dedicate a 100-foot wall mural and tour displays at the  Veteran’s Memorial Building.

Mural artist Kent Schwartz explained the panels, including portraits taken from photos of local veterans submitted by citizens. The next panel shows war images from the American Revolution to present day. The “On Land, In the Air and at Sea” panel follows.

On the north end, there is a memorial panel and patriotic photo opportunity.

Mayor Bryan Bequette presented Schwartz with a flag and introduced Ted Beilman, who organized displays of veterans to help celebrate Nebraska’s sesquicentennial.

Beilman said he is happy with the turnout and opportunity to re-introduce the Memorial Building, which has been closed since 2008.

Beilman: “People would come in and wonder why is the building closed. Of course, this is just one part of it. There’s lots to be done. This is just the very beginning. I think it’s going to take everybody’s effort working together, but this is a good start.”

Beilman: I’m pleased with what the veterans have done and pleased that they have come here. I was pleased to make these different displays for everyone.
Maybe we’ll do it again next year.”