2-Time Purple Heart Recipient Shares Stories at Shell Creek

COLUMBUS – A rural Columbus man, and 2-time Purple Heart recipient, was honored along with several other veterans at Shell Creek on Friday.

Students and family members participated in a Veterans Day program, to honor those who have served in the U.S. Military. Several veterans in attendance were recognized during the program, followed by a speech by 2-time Purple Heart recipient Larry Lueschen.

“I really wanted to get across to them, that you know, war is really not the answer. As they grow older, I hope they can figure out ways to solve differences without war,” says Lueschen.

Lueschen was given his two purple hearts on October 25th of 1967, and February 3rd of 1968, in addition to a Navy Accommodation medal. His wife Carolyn, helped with the presentation to the students.

Lueschen said he enjoyed the presentation, that emphasized the sacrifice veterans have made.

“I think it’s good, and even us older people, we sometimes tend to take things for granted,” says Lueschen.

A wide variety of programs are being held around the city of Columbus on Friday, prior to Veterans Day, on Saturday.