Blair City Council Approves Blighted Study for Angel’s Share Property

BLAIR – Tax Increment Financing will now be available to Ed Shada’s Angel’s Share group to aid in the renovation and re-use of the former Dana Campus.  The Blighted and Substandard criteria accepted by the Blair City Council at last night’s meeting.  Plans for the Angel’s Share property include housing according to  Assistant City Manager Phil Green.  He says Angel’s Share is discussing selling off some of the campus to developers.  Remaining parts of the campus will be used for two person condos, apartments and family housing as well.  Many of the existing structures are deemed dilapidated.  The city council also approved a preliminary platting of a proposed housing development on South 16th street which will utilize smaller lots.  Neighboring property owners expressed concern with drainage and fire safety.  Green says the fire department did look over the platting and felt the population density would not increase fire factors.  He added that newer infrastructure technology now available would mitigate drainage issues.