Change at the Former Dana Campus Gaining Traction

BLAIR – It’s been eight long years since the voices of students were heard at 2848 College Road, many plans made for rejuvenating the campus fell through, leaving some Blair residents a little skeptical.  This time, however, it seems plans are gaining traction.  Groundwork for renovation and reuse is underway, with platting talks at the City Council this evening – and this Saturday, an open house of sorts at the campus put on by Charis University according to organizer Marv Overman.  He says some of the buildings will be toured, the plans for Charis will be discussed, but equally important, he wants input from the community.  Charis is just one of the organizations which will utilize the campus, now owned by Angels Share.  Mr. Overman is emphasizing that the Charis University Preview Event Saturday is open to the public. You can find out more on the event online at