Columbus Man Arrested for Cocaine Possession

COLUMBUS – A Columbus man is facing multiple charges in Platte County, after an officer found cocaine during a traffic stop.

A Platte County Deputy states in an affidavit, that on October 29th, he pulled over a vehicle, driving with out license plates, on Highway 81, and 48th Avenue. The deputy states that the driver, Miguel Ayala-Zavala,  22, admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle, and says a search yielded two pipes and a bag of marijuana.

The deputy says in the affidavit, that while he was speaking to Ayala-Zavala, who was sitting in the back of the patrol car, he noticed a folded one dollar bill on the ground roughly two feet away from the door. The deputy states that the dollar bill contained a white substance that field tested positive for cocaine.

Court records say Ayala-Zavala is facing charges for possession of cocaine,  no driver’s licenses, defective vehicle lighting, and two drug infractions. He will appear in court on Monday for a first appearance, according to court records.