Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Station Decommissioning May Take Less Time

BLAIR – The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant went offline almost two years ago.  The decommissioning process, initially expected to take up to 60 years, may be speeded up, that’s according to information presented at the Omaha Public Power District’s board of directors meeting  yesterday.  OPPD’s Tim Uehling, Senior Director of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning says  shifting  from the SAFSTOR storage system to the DECON method is under consideration.  The latter would take ten years to accomplish and would have any contaminated materials stored at a site elsewhere.   He says both methods would cost about the same, so no rate hikes would be expected.  The board of directors will talk more on the matter in their October meeting.  More details can be found online at OPPD the Wire .com