Hearings on Chicken Barns Expected to Draw Large Crowd

BLAIR – Among the agenda items for the Washington County Planning Commission this evening, Six County residents are applying for permits to build poultry barns to supply chickens for the Fremont Lincoln Premium Poultry Plant  that meeting begins at 7 at the court house.   Because of an anticipated larger than normal crowd,  the meeting has been moved to  the Washington County District Courtroom, 3rd floor of the courthouse – seating is limited. (Fire Marshal occupancy rules will be followed) according to the Washington County Sheriff’s department.   Due to the anticipated large public attendance additional security measures will be in place in and around the facility to assist the public.  NO WEAPONS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING (this includes firearms, knives and any other item consider to be a potential safety and security concern.)  Courthouse security check points and metal detectors will be used.  East and West annex doors will be open.  Several neighboring property owners are concerned about the odor a chicken facility could generate.  Technology will aid in reducing odor issues according to Lincoln Premium Poultry’s Jessica Kolterman.  she says you can find out more information on Lincoln Premium Poultry’s facebook page.