Man Arrested for Alleged Assault, Victim says he’s Innocent

COLUMBUS – A local man allegedly hit a woman so hard in the face that it caused issues with her ability to see, but the victim says he’s innocent.

An arrest affidavit says authorities were called to the Columbus Community Hospital, after a woman had checked in with shattered bones in her face. The affidavit says the woman was having trouble seeing out of one of her eyes. The woman was transferred to the University of Nebraska Medical Center for a higher level of care says an affidavit. The victim called News Channel Nebraska and says that after treatment her vision is back to normal.

Butler County Authorities then responded to a home in David City, where the alleged assault had occurred, and arrested 66-year-old, Richard Cemper.

Cemper told police he hit the woman three times, because she “pissed him off,” say police in the affidavit.

Cemper is facing felony 1st degree assault and habitual criminal charges, say court records. The assault allegedly occurred on February 4th.

The victim told News Channel Nebraska in a call, that Cemper did not hit her, and that the injury was caused by a fall where she hit a dehumidifier and broke a table. The victim says some of the details are fuzzy, but says she believes Cemper is innocent.

Cemper is due in Butler County Court on March 1st.