Snow Imminent – Alter Driving and be Prepared

BLAIR – Snow is hitting south of us and could be in our area later tonight into tomorrow.  Anytime there is snow, motorists encounter slippery conditions. Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson says the first thing to do in order to get from here to there, safely, is to slow down.  Slowing down will allow extra reaction time.  Allow extra space between vehicles, make sure your cell phone is charged.  Should you end up in a ditch, you will have a way of contacting the sheriff’s department or other law enforcement agency for assistance.  Additionally, Sheriff Robinson recommends keeping a blanket, extra warm clothing, and other necessities should you have to wait awhile in your vehicle.  Keeping items that will help provide traction for slippery locations is a good idea as well – whether it’s sand, cat litter or other means of improving traction.  Sheriff Robinson reiterates, however,  the importance of slowing down during adverse driving conditions.