Time Change this Weekend – Set Clocks AND place new batteries in Smoke Alarms

BLAIR – Don’t forget to spring forward before going to bed Saturday night.  Daylight savings time starts so turn your clock ahead.  Losing that one hour of sleep impacts some more than others.  Dr. Michael Summers is the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and suggests going to bed 20 minutes earlier tonight and 40 minutes early on Saturday.  it is also important that you get up at your regular “new” time.  He says the effects of the time change can linger for up to two weeks.   Blair Fire Chief Joe Leonard strongly encourages you to put a fresh battery in your smoke detector while you have the step stool out to change your clocks.  He cites federal statistics that show your chances of surviving a house fire increase significantly if you have a working smoke alarm in your home.  If you need an alarm, Chief Leonard says to check the Blair Volunteer Fire Department’s facebook page for contact information.