Turbine Rolls Off Truck in Elgin

Turbine Rolls Off Truck in Elgin
Image courtesy: MyAntelopeCountyNews.com

ELGIN – Traffic in Elgin is shut down and residents there could be without power at times after an accident.

According to My Antelope County News, a wind turbine rolled off the back of a semi at the intersection of Highway 14 and 70, completely blocking traffic.

The Nebraska Department of Roads says as a result, Highway 14 is completely closed from Neligh to Petersburg. Traffic is being re-routed east on Highway 275 out of Neligh to Tilden, then south on Highway 45 and back west to Petersburg on Highway 32.

In addition, Antelope County Sheriff’s officials say customers north of the intersection may lose power, as workers may need to lower power lines to clear the scene.

Information from MyAntelopeCountyNews.com was used in this story with permission.