Two Arrested for Smoking Pot with Child in Back Seat

COLUMBUS – A brother and sister were arrested, after their vehicle ran out of gas, and they allegedly smoked marijuana, with a 3-year-old child sitting in the back seat.

An arrest affidavit says, Jaymes Kumm, 25, of Norfolk, and Jessica Ahrenholtz, 24, of Columbus, were arrested for felony child abuse on Monday.

The affidavit says a Platte Count Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to 235th Avenue and Highway 81, just west of Columbus, to check on a vehicle that had reportedly run out of gas.

The deputy says in the affidavit, that when he arrived on scene, there were two adults in the front seat, and an unrestrained child in the back seat. The deputy states, that when Ahrenholtz opened her door, a strong smell of marijuana came out of the vehicle.

The deputy states, that Ahrenholtz admitted they both smoked pot, roughly ten minutes before the deputy had arrived on scene, advising it was her brother, Kumm’s, idea to smoke while they waited for a ride.

Kumm denied using any drugs, but a plastic bag full of cigar fillings, and a plastic bottle modified for smoking marijuana, were found near where Kumm was sitting in the vehicle, stated the deputy in his report.

Court records say both Kumm and Ahrenholtz are charged with felony child abuse, while Ahrenholtz faces additional charges for driving under suspension, and no registration.

Kumm is scheduled for a felony first appearance on November 22nd at 10:30 a.m. and Ahrenholtz is scheduled for a felony first appearance on November 29th at 10:30 a.m., according to court records.