Vasicek: New Police, Fire Stations Won’t Raise Taxes or Involve Library

COLUMBUS – Columbus City Administrator Tara Vasicek says the proposed police and fire stations won’t raise taxes, and has no involvement with a future new library.

Vasicek says they have heard some confusion surrounding the proposed fire and police stations, and what voting for them will do. Vasicek says if voters approve the city to build the facilities in May, in will not raise taxes, and is in no way related to the building of a new library.

“The library is not included in this vote, but the library will likely come back to the voters in a different form, later.  Once the stakeholders for the library figure out what the community wants, and what the community will support,” says Vasicek.

Vasicek says the two stations will provide a big boost in fulfilling the needs of what the fire and police staff need, to properly perform their duties.

“I just think that we have everything set up in those departments we’ve got great chiefs. We’ve got great support staff, but our buildings are lacking, and they have been for quite some time

Vasicek says the stations would also add a nice touch to both downtown and west Columbus.

“There going to be great projects for Columbus. I’m really excited for the potential of a fire station being out on the side of town that needs a little attention. There’s a lot of great things going on out there, but I think every body can admit that that side of town, would really benefit from some good projects,” says Vasicek.

Vasicek says the new police station in downtown Columbus would also add a nice touch to the great things downtown already offers.

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