Washington County Dispatchers Highlighted

BLAIR – A team of people handle an average of five hundred and two  911 calls every month in Washington County. Dispatchers also direct law enforcement officers through two way radio over 23, 500 times each month.  It’s National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week.  Washington County Captain Phil Brazelton says dispatchers possess  a special talent with people in emergency situations.  He says those who call 911 are going through stressful times, maybe even the worst in their life.  Dispatchers help them communicate what the emergency may be and help law enforcement locate the emergency situation. Eight full time and two part time dispatchers work in Washington County:

B.J. Grove, Communications Supervisor:  19 years

Cassi Hauck, Communications Operator:  10 years

Martha Brensel, Comm. Operator (part-time): 10 years

Ty Johnson, Comm. Operator:  6 years

Lori Anderson, Comm. Operator:  6 years

Kylee Nielsen, Comm. Operator (part-time):  2 years

Jacob Roberts, Comm. Operator:  1 year

Josh Menard, Comm. Operator:  1 year

Madelyn Conradson, Comm. Operator:  7 months

Shannon McClary, Comm. Operator:  4 months