Norfolk To Nashville

CLICK HERE to print the Official Norfolk to Nashville Map!

This October US92, Renegade and Set the Bar/Eat Fit Go want to send you and a guest from Norfolk to Nashville this New Year’s Eve! 

Each weekday morning at 7:20, Austen and Angie will announce where we are stopping for the day.  The Norfolk to Nashville Que to Call will be played three times each weekday and when you hear it be caller 9, repeat the daily destination and be qualified to win the trip!  All qualifiers will receive a souvenir from a participating weekly sponsors including:  Sunset Plaza Mall, and Albion Thriftyway.

Twice randomly per week: US92 put a shout out for one lucky caller that will take a  Burger King Pit Stop…if the caller answers the chain correctly they win BURGER BUCKS- and are also qualified to win the trip.

Other ways to become qualified: 

  • Fill out and send in the Norfolk to Nashville Map
  • Stop at Eat Fit Go and ask for details

Need a Map:  Pick one up at Renegade in the Sunset Plaza-  Set the Bar/Eat Fit Go and Burger King in Norfolk.   Connect Now,  Albion Locker and Boot Rack in Albion & Horn T Zoo in Monroe or click here to print your copy.

All maps that have at least 15 correct destinations, and are returned to the map locations or US92 by November 1st will be entered into the grand prize drawings.

Grand Prize Drawing will be Thursday November 3rd between 5:00pm and 6:00pm at Set the Bar/Eat Fit Go in Norfolk.

CLICK HERE for the official Norfolk to Nashville Rules